I. No Word for Religion: The Distinctive Contours of Native American Religions

A. Fundamental Diversity

B. "Way of Life, not Religion"

C. Oral Tradition and Indigenous Languages

D. "Religious" Regard for the Land

II. History of Native American Religious and Cultural Freedom

A. Overview

B. Timeline

III. Contemporary Attempts to Seek Protection

A. First Amendment

B. Treaty Rights

C. Intellectual Property Law

D. Other Statutory Law

E. Administrative and Regulatory Policy and Law

F. Federal Recognition

G. Historic Preservation

H. Repatriation/Protection of Human Remains, Burial Items, and Sacred Objects

I. International Law and Human Rights Agreements

J. Negotiated Agreements and Private Transactions

IV. Selected Past Native American Religious and Cultural Freedom Court Cases

A. Land

B. Free Exercise

C. Prison cases involving hair

D. Human Remains/Repatriation

E. Treaty Rights Pertaining to Traditional/Sacred Practices

V. References & Resources